Execuation and Cooperation

      "The best way to predict the future is to to create it."    - Abraham Lincoln

    Technology Transfer (產學合作)
[1] High-frequency Signals Feature Engineering and Equipment Health Indicator Module (高頻資料特徵工程與設備健康指標模組, 2023)
      Collaborator: Profet AI (杰倫智能科技)

    Industry-Academia Cooperation (產學合作)
[40] PI,Knowledge Graph of Equipment Maintenance in Cyber-Physical Systems
       (以知識圖譜建構機台維修保養模組於網宇實體系統, 2023)
       Collaborator: AU Optronics Corp. (友達光電)

[39] PI,Semiconductor Packaging Machine Variation and Epoxy Bleed-Out Prediction
       (半導體封裝機台差異偵測與溢膠品質預測, 2023)
       Collaborator: ASE Group (日月光半導體製造股份有限公司)

[38] PI,Drift Detection and Update for In-line Time-Series Data Model
       (線上時間序列資料模型變動偵測與更新, 2023)
       Collaborator: Delta Electronics Inc. (台達電子工業股份有限公司)

[37] PI,Preventive Maintenance Scheduling for PVD Equipment and Panel Defect Map Analysis
       (PVD設備預防性保養排程與面板缺陷圖分析, 2022)
       Collaborator: AU Optronics Corp. (友達光電)

[36] PI,Artificial Intelligence Case Study for Industrial Applications
       (AIA人工智慧之產業應用個案研究計畫書, 2022)
       Collaborator: Taiwan Artificial Intelligence Academy Foundation (財團法人台灣人工智慧學校基金會)

[35] Co-PI,面板廠推貨警示規則產生器與機台預防性保養之決策輔助
       Collaborator: AU Optronics Corp. (友達光電)

[34] PI,CMIS Data Clean and Databaes System Reconstruction for Purchase Order Matching
       (CMIS 資料清理與採購標單比對系統架構重構, 2022)
       Collaborator: tsmc (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, 台灣積體電路製造股份有限公司)

[33] PI,Evaluation Scheme for Time-Series Feature Engineering
       (時間序列資料收集與特徵轉換之評分機制, 2022)
       Collaborator: Delta Electronics Inc. (台達電子工業股份有限公司)

[32] PI,Intelligent Scheduling Optimization for Front-End of Cell Line in TFT-LCD Manufacturer
       (Cell 前段(Feol)智慧排程最佳化研究計畫)
       Collaborator: AU Optronics Corp. (友達光電)

[31] PI,Semiconductor Packaging Spillover Quality Prediction and Predictive Maintenance
       (半導體封裝溢膠品質預測與機台預測性維護, 2022)
       Collaborator: ASE Group (日月光半導體製造股份有限公司)

[30] PI,Dynamic Bottleneck Detection in the Production Scheduling System
      (排程系統動態瓶頸偵測, 2021)
      Collaborator: AU Optronics Corp. (友達光電)

[29] PI,Prognostics and Health Management of PVD Equipment
      (PVD設備故障預測與健康管理系統, 2021)
      Collaborator: AU Optronics Corp. (友達光電)

[28] PI,Energy Saving Optimization Algorithm for Chillers
       (廠務冰機節能最佳化演算法, 2021)
       Collaborator: Winbond (華邦電子股份有限公司)

[27] PI,Benchmarking Research on Professional Techniques for Electrical Talents
      (智慧電子人才應用發展推動計畫-專業職能基準研究, 2021)
      Collaborator: Institute for Information Industry (III) (財團法人資訊工業策進會)

[26] PI,Intelligent Preventive Maintenance Systems
       (智慧預防保養系統, 2021)
       Collaborator: ASE Group (日月光半導體製造股份有限公司)

[25] Co-PI,Diagnosis of the Mechanism with Multi-layer Architecture (V)
       (機台健康診斷(五): 利用模型殘差診斷機械振動與外擾力, 2021)
       Collaborator: Delta Electronics Inc. (台達電子工業股份有限公司)

[24] Co-PI,An Optimal Tradeoff of Preventive Maintenance between Yield and Capacity in the Panel Manufacturer
       (面板廠機台保養與借機之產能良率權衡決策專案計畫, 2020)
       Collaborator: AU Optronics Corp. (友達光電股份有限公司)

[23] PI,Strip Map Analysis of the Substrate in the Chip Bond Process of the Semiconductor Equipment
       (半導體設備Strip Map分析之製程精進, 2020)
       Collaborator: ASE Group (日月光半導體製造股份有限公司)

[22] PI,Diagnosis of the Mechanism with Multi-layer Architecture (IV)
       (以分層式架構進行機構之健康診斷(四), 2020)
      Collaborator: Delta Electronics Inc. (台達電子工業股份有限公司)

[21] PI,Multi-Objective Production Scheduling Algorithm for Melt Flow Index in Petrochemical Batch Processes
       (化工熔融指數生產排程多目標演算法, 2020)
       Collaborator: LCY Chemical Corp. (李長榮化學工業股份有限公司)

[20] PI,Artificial Intelligence Models for Oil Prices Forecast with Macroeconomic Variables
       (總體經濟因子預測原油價格AI模型, 2020)
       Collaborator: Formosa Technologies Corporation (台塑網科技股份有限公司)

[19] PI,Data Generation and Simulation Analysis for Production Optimization
       (生產最佳化數據生成模擬及分析模組測試委託, 2020)
       Collaborator: Industrial Technology Research Institute (工業技術研究院)

[18] PI,Root Cause Identification of Wafer Bin Map in Semiconductor Equipment
       (半導體設備晶圓分析之追因行動, 2019)
       Collaborator: ASE Group (日月光半導體製造股份有限公司)

[17] PI,Diagnosis of the Mechanism with Multi-layer Architecture (III)
       (以分層式架構進行機構之健康診斷(三), 2019)
      Collaborator: Delta Electronics Inc. (台達電子工業股份有限公司)

[16] PI,Continuous-flow Production Scheduling Algorithm for Petrochemical Batch Processes
       Collaborator: LCY Chemical Corp. (李長榮化學工業股份有限公司)

[15] PI,Decision Support System for Multi-Objective Flexible Production Planning
       (多目標導向彈性生產規劃輔助系統開發, 2019)
      Collaborator: Industrial Technology Research Institute (工業技術研究院)/ Sheh Fung Screws Co. (世豐螺絲股份有限公司)

[14] PI,Diagnosis of the Mechanism with Multi-layer Architecture
       (以分層式架構進行機構之健康診斷, 2018)
      Collaborator: Delta Electronics Inc. (台達電子工業股份有限公司)

[13] PI,Intelligent Classification Algorithm for Failure Diagnosis in Semiconductor Equipment
       (半導體設備參數失效原因智能化分類, 2018)
       Collaborator: ASE Group (日月光半導體製造股份有限公司)

[12] PI,Scheduling Algorithm for Semiconductor Lithography Equipment
       (Immersion半導體黃光機台生產排程系統演算法, 2018)
       Collaborator: Winbond (華邦電子股份有限公司)

[11] PI,Semi-Automatic Multi-Objective Production Scheduling System.
       (半自動化多目標生產排程系統, 2017)
      Collaborator: Industrial Technology Research Institute (工業技術研究院)/ Sheh Fung Screws Co. (世豐螺絲股份有限公司)

[10] PI,Multi-tier Framework for Health Diagnosis of Ball Screw
       (以分層式架構進行滾珠螺桿之健康診斷, 2017)
      Collaborator: Delta Electronics Inc. (台達電子工業股份有限公司)

[9] PI,Manufacturing Data Science for Price Forecasting of Petrochemical Raw Material and Purchasing Decision.
      (製造數據科學於石化原料價格預測與採購決策, 2017)
      Collaborator: LCY Chemical Corp. (李長榮化學工業股份有限公司)

[8] PI,Data Science and Statistical Process Control for Automatic Quality Control System of Machine Tool.
      (資料科學與統計製程管制建立工具機自動化線上品管系統, 2017)
      Collaborator: Tongtai Machine & Tool Co. (東台精機股份有限公司)

[7] PI,Bandwidth Signal Analysis of  Motor Vibration.
      (感應馬達設備振動訊號數據分析, 2017)
      Collaborator: Aliya Corp. (愛利雅科技股份有限公司)

[6] PI,Wire Bond Predictive Maintenance Analysis.
      (Wire Bond 預測保養分析模組建立, 2016)
      Collaborator: ASE Group (日月光半導體製造股份有限公司)

[5] PI,Intelligent Production Automation: Data Mining for Yield Improvement of Color Filter in TFT-LCD Manufacturing.
      (生產智慧自動化平台先導計畫- 以資料探勘技術改善TFT-LCD彩色濾光片製程之良率, 2015)
      Collaborator: Etu (知意圖股份有限公司)

[4] PI,SPC Big Data: Data Mining for Delamination Diagnosis in the Semiconductor Assembly Process.
      (SPC Big Data: 以資料探勘改善半導體封裝製程良率於脫層現象分析, 2015)
      Collaborator: ASE Group (日月光半導體製造股份有限公司)

[3] PI,Hybrid Fault Detection and Classification Technique for Time Series Pattern (複合式在製品缺陷分類技術, 2015)
      Industrial Technology Research Institute (工業技術研究院)

[2] PI,Implementation of Multi-Objective Job-Shop Scheduling System (多目標生產排程系統, 2014)
      Industrial Technology Research Institute (工業技術研究院/ 台惟工業股份有限公司)

[1] PI,Job-Shop Scheduling Methodology and its Decision Support System (零工式生產排程技術與其決策支援系統, 2013)
      Industrial Technology Research Institute (工業技術研究院)

    Ministry of Science and Technology (科技部)/ National Science Council (國科會)

[13] PI,Returns-to-Scope Data Envelopment Analysis and Conditional Value-at-Risk Reinforcement Learning for Capacity Optimization
       (Outstanding Young Scholar Grant 科技部優秀年輕學者研究計畫)
      範疇報酬資料包絡分析與條件風險價值強化學習以最佳化產能決策 (MOST111-2628-E-002-019-MY3) (2022-2025)

[12] PI,Cyber-Physical Intelligent Diagnosis, Augmented Reality, and Predictive Maintenance System (2021-2024)
(MOST 110-2221-E-002-163) (MOST 111-2221-E-002-197) (NSTC 112-2221-E-002-003)

[11] PI,Undesirable-Output Productivity Analysis: Abatement Process Efficiency, Allocation of Emission Permits, and Multi-Level Power
       Market Equilibrium (2019-2022)
     非意欲產出生產力分析:減排製程效率、排放權配置及多階層電力市場均衡 (MOST 108-2221-E-006 -223 -MY3)

[10] PI,Mixed Complementarity Problem and Mathematical Programming with Equilibrium Constraints for Nash Equilibrium on Productive
     Efficiency Analysis in the Imperfectly Competitive Market  (2017-2020)
     (Outstanding Young Scholar Grant 科技部優秀年輕學者研究計畫)
     混合互補問題與均衡限制式數學規劃求解納許均衡觀點於不完全競爭市場之生產效率分析 (MOST106-2628-E-006-009-MY3)

[9] Co-PI,天然災害減災效益分析與災害防救績效評估研究(II),科技部災害防救應用科技方案。(2018)

[8] Co-PI,IC STEP Consortium: Big Data Analytics, Resource Management Optimization, and Smart Production Technologies (2017-2019)
      IC產業同盟:大數據分析、資源管理優化與聰明生產技術 深耕工業基礎技術專案計畫 (MOST 105-2218-E-007-027)

[7] PI,Production Process Analysis and Supply-Demand Balance Optimization for the Moth Orchid Plant Factory (2016)
     蝴蝶蘭植物工廠生產流程分析與產銷平衡最佳化 (產學合作研究計畫-應用型) (MOST105-2622-E-006-026 -CC3) 
      Collaborator: Lung Ting Life Sciences CO., LTD. (龍鼎生命科學股份有限公司)

[6] PI,Data Mining for Printing Forecast and Decision in Educational Publisher (2015) (產學合作研究計畫-應用型)
     以資料探勘技術建構教育出版業印量預測模型之決策架構 (MOST104-2622-E-006-026-CC3)
      Collaborator: HAN LIN PUBLISHING CO.(翰林教育文化出版事業股份有限公司)
      (Best Industry-University Research Award, 科技部工程司產學成果優良獎)

[5] Co-PI,Semiconductor Technologies Empowerment Partners Consortium: Big Data Analytics and Optimization Technologies
     (2014-2015) IC產業同盟:大數據分析與最佳化技術,深耕工業基礎技術專案計畫 (MOST103-2218-E-007-023)

[4] PI,Advanced Research on Marginal Productivity: Marginal-Profit-Oriented Efficiency, Shadow Prices of Air Pollutants, and
      Robust Capacity Planning  (2014-2017) (Outstanding Young Scholar Grant 科技部優秀年輕學者研究計畫)
     邊際生產力之前瞻研究: 邊際利潤導向之效率分析、空氣汙染之影子價格及穩健產能規劃 (MOST103-2221-E-006-122-MY3)

[3] PI,Multi-Product Marginal Productivity Estimation on Non-differentiable Efficient Frontier (2013)
     估計多產出邊際生產力於不可微分之效率前緣 (NSC102-2410-H-006-055)

[2] Co-PI,Manufacturing Intelligence and Data Mining for Virtual Vertical Integration and Yield Enhancement in Semiconductor
      Manufacturing (2013-2015)  製造智慧與資料挖礦以促進半導體供應鏈之虛擬垂直整合, 產學小聯盟  (NSC102-2622-E-007-013)

[1] PI,Measure the Demand Effects in Productive Efficiency by Data Envelopment Analysis (2012)
      以資料包絡分析法衡量需求變異下之生產效率 (NSC101-2218-E-006-023)

     NCKU Grants (成功大學)

[10] NCKU Grant for Ta-You Wu Memorial Award (成大獎助吳大猷先生紀念獎), National Cheng Kung University. (Dec. 2016)

[9] Student Academic Competition Grants「獎勵學生參與學術競賽」獎助 (2016, 2017)

[8] Rising Star Grants 「明日之星」研究獎助 (2014, 2015)

[7] Biofuel Regional Economy and Supply Chain Optimization (生質能源之經濟效益分析與供應鏈設計最佳化, 2014) (PI)
      NCKU Research Center for Energy Technology and Strategy (成功大學能源科技與策略研究中心)

[6] NCKU/MOST Special Outstanding Talent Grants (特殊優秀人才獎勵), National Cheng Kung University. (Nov. 2013, Dec. 2016)

[5] High Quality Paper Grants 高品質論文獎助 (2013, 2015)

[4] English Teaching Grants 外語授課獎助 (2013, 2014)

[3] Research and Teaching Enhancement at IMIS 製造所教學研究提升計畫 (2012)

[2] Mentor Plan for New Faculty (2012-2014)

[1] Research Grant for Distinguished New Faculty (2012)